Hoof Hearted Brewpub and Kitchen

850 N. Fourth St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 401-4033



What do wizards, Tupac eating cereal, hot tubs, 86 Dodge Daytona's, roller blades, VHS tapes and David Lee Roth (don't you dare even say Sammy Hagar in here) have in common with beer? Hoof Hearted baby. Let's cut right down to the saxxy facts. Ridiculously good and ridiculously ridiculous. We want the beer that we produce at Hoof Hearted to be bangerz, no two ways about it. Slurp up the neon. But every bit as important as the quality of the liquid is the fact that we want people to have fun with the juice. Have you ever tasted a beer named after Michael Caines voice? Not until now. Adventurous and over the top in our approach, we want the names as well as the artwork to resonate with the consumer, creating a lax and playful atmosphere that's inviting without compromising the sense of humor we've set out to share with all the thirsty people willing to try our beer. Be excellent to each other!