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Details makes it simple and fun to get together with friends, family and co-workers by offering pre-paid seats to food + beverage events we call Tables.


No need to split checks or figure gratuity - everything is included in the seat price you pay when you book online.


Members can create and save Tablemates and Groups in their JoinMyTable account for future adventures.


We're a great resource for people who need to find something fun for a group activity around food + beverage. Our one-stop platform allows you to find the right event, send invitations and manage your guest list in your account.  


You can send invitations with a link so your guests can purchase their own seats; transfer seats you've purchased as gifts; or transfer seats with a 'pay me back' link.  


Anyone can view what's available to book by clicking on 'Find A Table' at and membership is completely free.  You'll find Tables for as few as 2 or as many as 20 people, from Five-Course French Country Wine Dinners to Low Country Seafood Boils and Introduction to Wine Tasting events. New offerings are added weekly.


Have questions?  Use the orange Guest Service tab on any screen to start a chat or send a message. Our team is happy to source Tables for you to reserve!