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The best tasting foods are made with the finest, freshest ingredients. Coffee is no different. For a great cup of coffee, you only need a few items: fresh coffee, a grinder, good water, and a brewing device. A scale and a timer can also be helpful. With these items - and a little practice - the best cup of coffee you have all day will be the one you make yourself at home o the office. Initially, we approached some of the top Columbus roasters to see if they would be willing to roast coffees we wanted to source directly. Not only were they willing to roast Mission Direct coffees for fresh delivery to club members, they also asked if we would offer their coffees. We consider it a privilege to be a part of the Columbus, Ohio coffee community. Our goal is for you to be able to enjoy the most popular coffees from top local roasters like Brioso Coffee and Stauf's. We believe these exceptional coffees are best enjoyed as part of a coffee club at home or the office, yet individual products are available as well. With MSR Coffees, our emphasis is quality, quality that you can taste. Exceptional beans - Quality Ingredients - Delicious coffee starts with the best ingredients. We responsibly source the best specialty beans for you whenever possible directly from small farms in the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Expertly roasted – Quality Crafted - Midwest Specialty Roasters features Brioso Coffee, Stauf's, and other coffee roasters; peer nominated roasters who recognize and appreciate the other's craftsmanship. Expressly delivered – Quality Taste - Coffee reaches peak approximately three days after roasting. In the interest of delivering you a consistently better cup of coffee, our subscriptions are structured so that members receive a fresh shipment every two weeks and within days of being roasted. Our Mission Direct coffees are ones that we directly source from organizations helping in coffee growing regions, and are usually people our family knows. These micro enterprises support missions and orphanages in countries such as El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras. 10% of our profits are given back to organizations supporting our coffee growers. With our Mission Direct coffees, we pay better than fair trade prices for their great coffee. In other words, they benefit two ways when their coffees are selected. Exceptional Beans. Expertly Roasted. Expressly Delivered. Enjoy! Experience a better cup of coffee.