Mobile Mommies LLC (event childcare)

P.O. Box 7911, Columbus, OH 43207

(614) 512-1096


Mobile Mommies LLC provides on-site childcare service at special events such as weddings, receptions, conferences, business meetings, and other locations. We set up on-site at the location of the event to care for children ages infant to 12 years, including those with special needs.

Because safety and quality are important to us, our nurturing staff has the following credentials: background checked, certified in childcare, Adults over age 21, some with a  Bachelors degree or higher, clean substance record, professional attire, fingerprinted and trained to care for multiple children.

The childcare room has age appropriate games, interactive play,  toys, movies and entertainment for as few as five children up to 40 children. This convenience is invaluable to event attendees who otherwise may not attend an event because they don't have childcare. Event planners say we are a must-have service!



Contact Ms. Janel Northington, MPA, CTA with any questions. 1-877-311-4556