Pour Your Own Candle In Our Shop at Tiki Botanicals, LLC

529 S. 3rd St., Columbus, OH 43215

(740) 973-9000



Pour Your Own Candle In Our Shop: Stop in our shop and pour your own customized candle!! You get to choose the scent and we will help with you customize it so it is perfect. We will then help you to mix it and pour it into one of our 8.5 oz glass containers with a lid. (White, Amber or Black). ** This is not a private event but will be conducted while the shop is running so take note that you may have customers watching you! ** You have the option to pour up to 3 candles during your appointment. Just choose the number you plan to pour while you book. Note that candles can be picked up the following business day or we can ship them to you for a flat $15 fee anywhere in the USA. Group Size: 1 to 5 Time: 1 – 2 ½ hours Pricing: $40 and up. Availability: 11a – 6p daily All the services can be booked on our website at https://www.tikibotanicals.com/