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Propello Life is a natural, premium active nutrition company.  We offer a line of non-GMO supplements to support your active lives and whole food diets.  Our products use the highest quality ingredients, are free of artificial ingredients, contain no added sugar or sugar alcohols and taste amazing.  We value premium, safe products and excellent service.  The founders, Duke and Todd, are Dublin, OH natives and love this community. Please check out our products and our story!




Hi! We're Duke and Todd...brothers, fathers, avid soccer fans and adventurers. We are living our dream as we build Propello Life together. Below you will find our why and learn about our journey that got us to where and who we are today.


We didn't know it at the time, but our passion for health started over 20 years ago. That is when our father bought our brothers and us a basic bench and weight set. In our basement, we took turns spotting each other. This was our first step on our journey. We didn't lift to look good - we lifted to become stronger athletes in soccer and volleyball. Sports have played a central theme in our lives. We were always surrounded by fitness and health, from playing travel soccer year round, to having a mother who tried her best to feed five growing boys as healthy as she could (even though, at the time, that meant adding a stick of butter to everything). Love you, Mom! We were also influenced by our grandmother who lived to be 92. She knew what healthy eating was before it was given a name by scientists and experts. She ate vegetables galore and grapefruit for breakfast every morning.


Our passion for fitness continued through our 20’s and 30’s. Parts we did together and parts we did on our own as we learned, experienced, and grew. We experimented with everything from unhealthy eating to becoming vegetarian, and everything in between. We experimented with fad diets, and we continuously tried different workout routines and philosophies. If it is out there, we have tried it for at least 30 days! Duke even went vegetarian for 90 days. This taught him how to “really” eat vegetables and that he personally liked how his body feels eating meat. While this may not be for everyone, the point is that your health is a personal discovery. Listening to what makes your body feel its best is what is best for you.


Following college, Duke’s career led him to sports nutrition while Todd’s led him to natural food operations and CrossFit. We've worked for a broad range of companies from start-ups to Fortune 500s, from company cultures where profits and corporate climbing were priority one to companies with great work-life balance and social consciousness. These experiences have taught us what we wanted to create – an inspired company focused on wellness, community, and its employees.


The past two decades have taught us so much. Becoming professionals, finding time outside work to explore, and figuring out how to be healthy with busy schedules has been difficult - but worth it. We also became husbands and fathers. We learned much from this – how to be role models and how to maintain health while the rest of life tries to pull you away from it (sickness, no sleep, etc). We watched our wives become mothers and follow their own journey to wellness. We've accepted the challenge of teaching our children how to be healthy in a world that makes it difficult. We both have our own families, but the values we instill in them are very similar. What has emerged from the past two decades of discovery were some broad “concepts” of health – Movement, Nourishment, Passion, Rejuvenation, Love, Mind, and Spirit.

Propello Life was built around these concepts and the idea that your health is a journey of discovery and improvement around these seven concepts; not just exercise and diet as most people believe. On this journey, you are the leader and Propello Life is your guide, your adviser, and your support. Propello Life is not suggesting a quick fix solution, these don’t work for 99% of people. We were founded to make a difference in the world of health. Our solutions are holistic and easy to implement into your life – one step at a time. Changes that build on each other and over time big, lasting changes occur. We have built our solutions around education and plans to help you pick and choose how your health journey is taken. We also know how important the food and supplements you consume are to your health. That is why we have selected only the best ingredients, left out all the hidden bad ingredients and additives, and used the best manufacturing processes to make sure you are getting the best for your body.


We hope you will try our products, share your experiences with us, and be on this awesome ride with us. Thanks for visiting!