Sweet and Sour Culinary Journey

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Suite 100

Grove City, OH 43123

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If you are a foodie, this tour is for you.  Start your culinary journey with a unique cooking class at China Bell. This interactive class teaches your group how to make authentic Chinese cuisine from their master chef.  Or get creative and try a food sculpting class where your group can create a pirate ship out of fruit or a flower out of a carrot!  Have a sweet tooth?  Learn how the pros do it at Capital City Cakes. Not only will you decorate a cupcake, you also get to enjoy the tasty treat you created.  Complete your culinary tour at Plum Run Winery. The winery offers a vineyard tour which consists of three acres of grapes with 16 varieties of grapes planted on the farm.  Experience an interactive winemaking demonstration to see how their wines are made. Learn how to bottle, label, and seal your own personal bottle of their delicious vino to take with you. And no wine tour would be complete without wine tasting. Plum Run Winery has a varied array many wonderful wines to sample and enjoy. 

Booking Details:
Minimum Tour Group: 10
Maximum Tour Group: 50
Tour Length: 4-5 hours
Availability: On request subject to availability
Pricing: $35 per person inclusive

Ron Bower
1600 Gateway Circle
Grove City, OH 43123


  • Distance to Airport (Miles): 18
  • Distance to Convention Center (Miles): 11.7
  • Dog Friendly: Yes