Up Periscope Creative

629 N. High St., 4th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 398-1893



Up Periscope is a full-service media production company specializing in creative concept development, video production, motion graphics and strategic media deployment. Before turning on the cameras, we listen to what matters most to you, whether that is increasing brand awareness, marketing products and services, aligning your workforce or driving sales. The value we add to our clients goes beyond technical know-how. Up Periscope is committed to offering genuine thought partnership at every touch point in the creative and production process to help your company achieve your strategic goals. We create engaging and authentic video and other media to help you reach your target where they live, work and play.


Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and with offices in Brooklyn, NY, Up Periscope offers pre to post creative media solutions for a range of clients, from local and regional emerging brands to corporations in the Global Fortune 500.