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Here's What Columbus Has Been Up To

COVID-19 didn't slow Columbus down While meetings and conventions took a pause in 2020 due to the pandemic, Columbus didn’t stop working to ensure that when the time came to return to in-person meetings, planners and attendees had all the tools they…

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It’s Easy to Find Unique Dining Options at Columbus Hotels

There’s no doubt about it, conference schedules are jam-packed. Between visits to the expo floor, breakout sessions, business meetings and keeping up with the workload back home, sometimes there isn’t time to go out and explore the host city and hunt…

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Building Successful Vendor Relationships

This post was written by Gabby Blauert, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Pelotonia, a non-profit organization that raises money to accelerate cancer research. You can learn more about Pelotonia on its website . A lot goes into hosting a…

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What Happened When We Approached PCMA With a Purpose

Research shows that women in America make around 82 cents compared to every dollar earned by their male counterparts. 1 This is known as the gender wage gap. Columbus’ activation at PCMA’s 2020 Convening Leaders focused on inequities for women in the…

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Columbus for the Sober Curious

According to the National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol, 30% of American adults do not consume any alcohol. In January, this number often spikes as millennials have popularized “Dry January,” in which no alcohol is consumed during the month of…

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Reflecting on a Decade of Growth in Columbus

In 2014, Experience Columbus hired GfK, one of the world’s leading research companies, to help us learn more about what people thought about Columbus and identify strengths and opportunities for the city as a destination. What we learned was that at…

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