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Columbus is an accessible city where attendees can get around easily and find resources if needed to help them do so. Our convention center became the first convention center in the world to become Certified Sensory Inclusive through KultureCity improve the capabilities of the facility and staff to accommodate guests with sensory processing challenges and provide an inclusive, seamless and enjoyable experience for them. Learn more about KultureCity here.

While Columbus venues, restaurants and businesses are equipped with ramps, elevators and mobility options, the convention center has wheelchairs available. If you (or an attendee) need a wheelchair, simply contact your Event Manager or Public Safety directly at (614) 827-2547. A member of the Public Safety Department will bring the wheelchair to you. Electric wheelchairs are also available to rent through our Pride Ride program. You can reserve a scooter by calling 614-827-2531.

You may notice interactive kiosks on the sidewalks throughout downtown. These kiosks, or IKE's, are a digital smart city kiosk that connects cities with people through interactive, vivid touchscreens and engaging applications that provide valuable content and useful resources. IKE is free and available to all residents and visitors. IKE Smart City is committed to accessibility, and all kiosks are ADA compliant and multi-lingual.