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Planning a Meeting In Columbus

We know a thing or two about planning unforgettable events. Experience Columbus’ certified staff provide outstanding resources that are a cut above comparable cities. Let us help you start planning your next meeting in Columbus today.

“Hosting a high economic impact meeting comes with varying levels of responsibilities coupled with fast-paced changes in conference management trends; trusting CVB guidance promises to save an organization time, money and bandwidth.  Experience Columbus proved to be an invaluable asset to Franklin County in the initial planning stages; whether the bid proposals, securing contracts and developing funding measures and structures, Experience Columbus had a team of experts to help navigate promotion of the conference.  We relied on the CVB staff to assist in developing videos, designing a display for attendance building exhibits and providing local favorite treats, like buckeyes and ice cream, to entice NACo members to come to Columbus for the Annual Conference.”

- Robin Dever, Public Information Office for the Franklin County Board of Commissioners and local chair of the National Association of Counties 2017 Annual Conference