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Long. Live. Summer!

We’ve tapped prominent city residents — including Jeni Britton, founder and chief creative officer of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Coyote Peterson, Emmy award-winning host of YouTube’s Brave Wilderness and Avishar Barua, Top Chef Season 18 contestant — to serve as city ambassadors this summer. These local guides are ready and waiting to introduce you to their favorite Columbus attractions, shops, and restaurants. Check out the behind-the-scenes videos, podcasts and itineraries filled with their favorite stops and hidden gems throughout the city. 


Live to Unlock Summer   

Columbus is a city unlike any other.

Vibrant and alive, Ohio’s capital is known for its open attitude, smart style and entrepreneurial spirit. Columbus' blend of neighborhoods, dynamic nightlife, noteworthy music scene, arts and culinary experiences, events, attractions and accommodations are all made unforgettable by the diversity of its outgoing locals who eagerly await and warmly welcome visitors.  Plan your stay, today!