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The safety of our visitors and our community is of the greatest importance to us, and we're committed to help slow the spread of COVID-19. All events in Columbus with more than 50 attendees are cancelled. All restaurants and bars are closed for dine-in visitors. All attractions are closed and the Governor has issued a stay-at-home order for all of Ohio. See this link for continuously updated details. We encourage you to call ahead before visiting any business.

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Columbus' Art Galleries

Throughout the city, art galleries have transformed neighborhoods. The city's collection of galleries stands out among nearby cities - the range of art forms represented, the long-standing history of the galleries and the brisk business in art brings together great opportunities for visitors. 

Short North Arts District: 

Visitors perusing art at a Short North galleryArt galleries were one of the main catalysts for the resurgence of the Short North in the 1980s, and they remain a solid foundation of the neighborhood's character. You'll find 

There's even a Short North Arts Districts Art Trail, which guides you to the galleries and public art installations in the neighborhood and rewards you with deals and discounts for visiting all of the stops. 

Gallery Hop is one great way to take in all the art of the neighborhood. On the first Saturday of every month (since 1985,) galleries, and shops stay open late, and oftentimes open new exhibitions. Non-traditional spaces, like retail shops and restaurants are host to pop up art shows. Street musicians and performance artists are stationed throughout the neighborhood. Gallery Hop runs from 4 -10 p.m., with restaurants and bars staying open significantly later. 


400 W Rich GalleryFranklinton is another hotbed of culture, with dozens of artist studios and art spaces filling 400 West Rich. The Vanderelli Room hosts performances and rotating exhibitions. 

In downtown Columbus, you'll find galleries like Hawk Galleries, which specializes in glass art, and public galleries at spaces including the Columbus College of Art and Design, the Riffe Center, and the Cultural Arts Center. 

On the Near East Side, you'll find a collection of galleries with a focus on African American artists, including Black Arts Plus. The King Arts Complex contains a gallery space, as well. 

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