To our groups and friends, 

No doubt, many of you have been following the news in recent weeks and watching protesters across the country take a stand against social injustice. Columbus is no different. 

As the organization that proudly promotes and encourages visitation to our city, Experience Columbus also proudly promotes the characteristics of our city that make it worth visiting, one of the most valuable of which is our diversity. Although we don’t have all the answers, we know that we can’t stay silent.      

We’re proud to be among nearly 3,000 local businesses whose leaders have signed a petition for Columbus City Council to declare racism a public health crisis and are pleased that Ohio is on its way to being the first state to make said declaration. But this is just a small step. It’s just the beginning. We intend to continue to speak out against systemic racism and social injustice.  

We are evaluating our itineraries and promise to incorporate more diverse offerings in the businesses we visit. We want to amplify voices of color and make it easy for you to support minority business owners in our community. 

It is efforts like these that reflect the spirit of our city – collaborative, forward-thinking and eager to stand up for what matters.   

Please, don’t be silent. Tell us what you want to see from us. Our voices, every single one, are what makes Columbus the city we are proud to call home.     

We’re here. We’re listening. We’re determined to make a difference. 

Roger Dudley 
Director, Tourism Sales

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