This post is written by Jim Ellison, co-owner and tour coordinator of Columbus Brew Adventures. You can connect with Jim on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This post is part one of a three-part series discussing events in the Brewery District.

Anyone planning an event, whether novice or an old pro, probably knows the mantra “location, location, location.” Once you have that locked in everything else starts to fall in to place. I’d like to suggest a location that will ensure all of those additional pieces fall into place faster, as well as on budget, and that will add more fun for your guests. Keep it all simple and bet on the Brewery District

The name sometimes confuses people wandering around looking for a bevy of breweries to whet their thirst, but in this neighborhood the name is a tip of the glass to the history of the area, as opposed to the activities of the modern era. One might be more apt to call this part of town the Wedding District on any given Saturday year-round, as the number of wedding venues today far exceeds the number of breweries back in the day. But your soiree does not have to be a wedding, any large or small event is well served in the Brewery District. 

First, let’s run through the advantages of this south side gem. So back to that location mantra. The Brewery District is located where I-71 and I-70 as well as SR-315 converge, so getting here for your -get-together will be no worries. While driving around, you will quickly discover the area is filled with plenty of parking options. The area has ample and easy parking, which eliminates a common hassle in many other parts of town. Before arrival, you can see for yourself by going to and selecting the Brewery District. Not into driving, no fears here, the CBUS Circulator has several stops in the area that will quickly connect you to the downtown hotels or the shopping of the Short North. With downtown only 1.5 miles away, a short UBER or Lyft ride, or gentle stroll, will get you here to see what is brewing. 

Now that I’ve convinced you the Brewery District is the perfect location for your next event, my coming posts will delve into venue options, as well as what the area has to offer guests before and after the event.