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Press Trip Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Columbus. Experience Columbus assists journalists with travel and convention stories about Columbus by developing itineraries or suggesting attractions, cultural venues and other points of interests.

Note: To allow sufficient time for partner approval, a minimum of three weeks notice is preferred for or all press visits.

Experience Columbus requests that journalists be a credentialed member of the media (see Media Credentialing below.) Journalists must submit direct links to previous work samples.

To most effectively meet your needs, we ask your cooperation in following these guidelines:

  • Complimentary and/or media rate arrangements are provided at the discretion of the host businesses and are subject to availability. Blackout periods may necessitate a press rate, especially at hotels.
  • In qualified cases, Experience Columbus is able to provide airfare and/or ground transportation.
  • Meals are provided for qualified journalists.
  • Our primary goal is assisting working press. Accommodating spouses, children and visitors accompanying working press is at the discretion of Experience Columbus and its partners.

Media Credentialing

Documentation, assignment letters, clippings and other materials may be submitted to

Staff Travel Journalists

Travel journalists and editors working as paid staff at magazines, newspapers, radio/television programs, guidebook companies and online media outlets should submit the following:

  •  A business card (an email signature line, if it includes title and the name of the media outlet, is fine)
  • The assigning editor/supervisor’s contact information
  • Links to past travel-related stories

Broadcast (TV and radio) journalists must be affiliated with a major-market radio or television newscast or show and will be evaluated case-by-case at Experience Columbus' discretion. Journalists seeking support should submit the following:

  • A written letter/email of assignment stating that they have been assigned to produce a specific travel or destination feature segment for said radio program or television
  • Details outlining station, market and story reach, focus and run date

Freelance Travel Journalists

Freelance travel journalists should submit:

  • A written letter/email of assignment
  • The contact information of the assigning editor
  • Links to past travel-related stories

Freelance journalists without a specific assignment may submit:

  •  4-5 travel articles published within the past 12 months in mainstream travel, lifestyle or general media publications and online sites that carry the journalist’s byline. Submitted clips must be bylined and dated.

Freelance radio/TV journalists must have the following:

  • A written letter/email of assignment from a major or target market radio station or travel-focused television show stating that they have been assigned to produce a specific travel or destination feature segment for said radio program or television show.

Independent Bloggers

Blogs should be well-established travel or significant lifestyle blogs that are regularly updated and have a documented broad subscriber base. Experience Columbus will determine approval based on respective blog’s focus, reach, content and style. Independent travel bloggers should submit:

  • A link to the blog(s)
  • The blog(s)' current Google PageRank (or Alexa ranking)
  • Number of subscribers/unique visitors per month


Please follow the above guidelines for staff and freelance journalists.

After Your Trip

Experience Columbus asks that you please forward an original copy of coverage resulting from your trip to Columbus.

Magazines, newspapers, travel radio/television programs and guidebook companies can mail original articles or, in the case of broadcast stories, digital copies to:

Experience Columbus
c/o Lexi Sweet
277 W. Nationwide Blvd. Ste. 125
Columbus, OH 43215

Direct links to online articles, TV or radio clips and blogs can be emailed to: