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Welcome To Columbus

New residents of Columbus, welcome to the 14th largest city in the nation! Columbus is the largest city in Ohio and one of the fastest-growing cities in the Midwest, and we're known for being collaborative, progressive and innovative. Columbus is home to 52 college campuses and you'll also find many nationally and internationally recognized businesses headquartered here.

In Columbus, you'll find a thriving arts and entertainment scene, vibrant neighborhoods packed with nightlife, local businesses and shops, nationally recognized restaurants and distilleries, three professional sports teams, the Ohio State Buckeyes, over 20 Metro Parks and more. Read on for resources, tips and information to help you feel at home in Ohio's capital city.

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Get Involved in Your City

Once you're here, there are so many ways to get invested and involved in the community. The Experience Columbus Insider program is an opportunity for residents to learn about the local hospitality industry and to understand the economic impact of a strong tourism economy. After completing the on-demand curriculum, participants benefit from free networking events, tours, happy hours and behind-the-scenes experiences with their fellow Insiders, as well as educational opportunities. Insiders often serve as the first line of volunteers for local festivals and events, attending and helping execute some of the city's biggest and most iconic festivals.

More Ways to Experience Your City

Explore the city using these experience trails, neighborhood itineraries and more.

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