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The people are the soul of Columbus and the African American contribution to Columbus is rich, historic, forward-moving, innovative and fun! We are CBUSSOUL, a passport to highlight, celebrate and explore Columbus’ Black history, people, businesses, experiences, communities, culture and soul.

CBUSSOUL, a soulful look into Columbus’ amazing Black experience

Black community, Black business and Black culture continue to drive culture and soul in Columbus, and our collective opportunity lies in making those experiences even more connected and ingrained into our entire city experience.

Black contributions to Columbus’ culture and soul dates back to our founding years. Our legacy, community, industry, energy, vibrancy and soul is rooted in those contributions and the progress made since. We’re ready to Live Forward; we're rooted in our history, yet rising to create unique, authentic experiences for all who visit.

Here, you can connect with your past, celebrate the present and look towards a future that’s filled with Black Excellence. It’s worth traveling for. 

We aim to put our Black culture on the national map so that each visit to or exploration of our city includes the option to be immersed into the fabric of our Black communities, Black businesses and Black culture.

We aim to make Columbus one of the most represented, equitable and inclusive cities to travel to, explore and find opportunity. 

Whether you’re visiting Columbus or already living here, doing business or looking for a city experience with a little soul, CBUSSOUL will help you navigate, connect, explore, discover, share and collaborate around the city!