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Soul is inspiration, feeling, energy and animation. 

Soul is a flame that lives in us all and CBUS SOUL is a platform that amplifies the rich, historic, innovative and forward-moving Black culture that helps to fuel the vibrancy of our Columbus pulse.

CBUS SOUL, a soulful look into Columbus’ amazing Black experience

CBUS SOUL is for you.

We celebrate the Black contribution to the city’s culture and relevance; past, present and future. 

Here, you can connect with your past, celebrate the present and look towards a future that’s filled with Black Excellence. It’s worth traveling for. 

We know our history is important

Hear and feel relevant stories by locals about our Black people, places and milestones - in your city or in the place you’ve decided to visit for the weekend.

Presently, our soul is lit with energy

Experience the Black itineraries, food, music, people, innovations and events that will keep you coming back to the city or deciding to stay for a while longer.

Our future is animated with opportunity

We welcome all to celebrate and explore the amazing experiences our Black culture has to offer a Columbus resident or visitor.

Whether you live in Columbus or are just here for a stay, Live in Harmony, Feed Your Soul, Meet a Local, Have a Soulful Experience - Tap into the Columbus Black experience!