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Helpful Hints

There are a lot of things that differ from country to country, including many that might not be top of mind when traveling. Use the helpful hints below when traveling to Columbus and you're sure to fit right in to this open and welcoming city. 

Time Zone

Columbus is on Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Consumption Age

The drinking age in Columbus is 21 years old. Many bars are open until 2 a.m.


Columbus drivers drive on the right side of the road and follow miles per hour metric.

Smoking Policy

In Columbus, there is no smoking allowed inside public buildings or on public patios. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

Getting Here

Many nearby cities are a short drive to Columbus. Detroit is the closest gateway with direct international flights and just a 3 hour drive or 1 hour flight to Columbus.


Columbus residents take their Ohio State sports pretty seriously. When someone yells "O-H", respond with "I-O" and you'll fit right in.