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Photos and Videos

Experience Columbus offers numerous photos and videos for planners to use when promoting an upcoming meeting, event, conference or trade show. Feel free to embed any of these videos in promotional materials or download additional items from the links below to use as needed.

Photos and Videos

Access our photos and videos through this Portal. Learn how to gain access and details on our media policy below.

Media Library Policy And Procedures

To request access to the Experience Columbus Media Library, please email Audrey Hall at The media within these galleries may only be used editorially to promote Columbus as a vibrant and attractive convention and tourist destination and cannot be used commercially unless permitted. 


All photos must include proper identification and photo credit information whenever possible. Copyright information can be found in the details of the asset within the portal. 


Photos and videos provided by Experience Columbus may not be duplicated for another party, reprinted for a project other than intended with the original request, shared to another organization or sold for any purpose.