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Arena District

The northwest part of downtown Columbus is known as the Arena District. Developed through a partnership between Nationwide Realty Investors, the City of Columbus and a number of private investors, the area sits on the site of the former Ohio Penitentiary. Its name comes from the first building in the neighborhood, Nationwide Arena, and now its home to all of Columbus’ professional sports teams and filled with restaurants, bars, condos and offices.

The North Market

Columbus’ oldest remaining public market, the North Market, sits at the northern end of the district. Displaying some of the best that Columbus has to offer from fresh and prepared food, guests can enjoy nearly 40 vendors offering spices, produce, meat and kitchenware, and choose from Vietnamese, Indian, Nepali, Polish, Mexican, Japanese, and more for an outstanding breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Just outside the doors the clubs and bars on Park Street are a mainstay of Columbus’ nightlife scene.

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