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Things To Do in Grandview

Grandview is known for its incredible, off-the-beaten-path thrift and antique shops. In a less than one mile stretch along 5th Avenue between Grandview Mercantile and the Alternative Release Shop, you’ll hit One More Time, One More Time Etc., Fresco Furnishings, Second Chance and more than enough stops to outfit both you and your home.

Grandview Avenue is lined with more modern boutiques for clothing, accessories and home goods. The street truly comes alive during the Grandview Hop, taking place on the last Saturday month, June – Sept., a night market that buzzes with live music and fun activities for all.

Byrne’s Pub is one of the best places in the city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, while the nearby Ohio Tap Room is a great spot to get acquainted with a new beer. Woodland’s Tavern and Natalie’s Music Hall and Kitchen are both fantastic spots to take in local and national live music acts.