This post was written by Erica Coffman, owner of Erica Kay Photography, a wedding photography company, and Production Manager at UA Creative Studios, a photo and video production company and educational studio. You can connect with Erica on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Event photography is one of the most important aspects of planning an event. Hiring the right photographer will guarantee that all your hard work is documented in a beautiful and lasting way. The key to successful event photos and videos lies in the hiring of a skilled professional photographer and videographer. Over the next few posts, we will explore some helpful tips to ensure that your event photography and videography turn out as great as they should.

As you peruse the seemingly endless number of photographers in your area, look for two key characteristics.

First, only reach out to photographers with event photography experience. More specifically, their experience should be similar to the event you are planning. Are you planning a corporate conference? Don’t hire someone who has only photographed bar mitzvahs. Are you preparing for a baby shower? Don’t hire a videographer who has only documented concerts. Hiring someone with little to no experience with your type of event could mean they aren’t familiar with certain important aspects of your event.
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Second, choose someone who has the knowledge and equipment to handle low-light environments, and can share examples of their work. Many events take place in low-light spaces like theaters or conference rooms, and not all photographers have the knowledge or equipment to deal with this type of environment. If your event is taking place in a somewhat dark location, you need a photographer who has the proper equipment and knowledge to capture events in this type of lighting situation.

Be sure to ask to see their event portfolio to ensure that they have the necessary experience and skill to provide you with beautiful photos and video of your event.

This is part one of a three-part series. Check back on July 26 and Aug. 9 for parts two and three, respectively. If you’re interested in speaking with UA Creative Studios about your event photography needs or if you simply have questions about the information here, don’t hesitate to reach out to!