Experience Columbus, the destination marketing organization for Ohio’s capital city, is proud to announce the launch of CBUS Soul, a platform that amplifies rich, historic, innovative and forward-moving Black culture in Columbus. CBUS Soul is a collaborative initiative between Experience Columbus and local community leaders and influencers to showcase the city’s multicultural experiences in four categories: Arts and Entertainment, Food and Music, Community and Business, and People and History.

With a mission to create a truly diverse, equitable, inclusive and supported travel and tourism experience for residents and visitors, CBUS Soul offers curated two-day itineraries that bring the Black experience in Columbus to life through visits to Black-owned restaurants, shops and other businesses, and includes activities and events that highlight Black art and culture in Columbus. The CBUS Soul platform also includes a series of videos showcasing Black community members and their stories of life in Columbus to provide first-person perspectives and connect visitors directly with the city’s movers and shakers.

“Supporting Black culture and business is a significant part of our mission,” said Dan Williams, Chief Sales Officer at Experience Columbus. “We are putting the focus on the Black experience in Columbus every month of every year because it is an integral part of experiencing our city.”

CBUS Soul is an extension and expansion of the “Live To Shine” itinerary that Experience Columbus launched in 2021 to celebrate culture and diversity in the city. It is a year-round, permanent platform that will continue to expand in the coming months and years.

“We are proud of the breadth and depth of the Black experience in Columbus, and we encourage and welcome visitors and residents alike to take part in seeing, supporting and enjoying the activities, businesses and events that make our city such a diverse and forward-thinking place,” said Sarah Townes, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Experience Columbus.

Experience Columbus is also offering limited-edition CBUS Soul branded hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, and beanies, all designed in partnership with the Columbus Fashion Alliance.

“Buying and wearing our branded merchandise is an outward expression of support for the mission of the CBUS Soul platform and our growing local fashion community,” said Christopher Jones, partner at Warhol & WALL ST. and Columbus Fashion Alliance member. 

Every purchase from this CBUS Soul x YOU collection will support the CBUS Soul movement to continually amplify Black people, places, and experiences in Columbus. Purchases can be made online at cbussoul.com.