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Posts from January 2017

Let's be honest, few people love February - there's a good reason it's the shortest month. While the temperatures might not be balmy, there's always something hot happening in Columbus. Here's our plan for doing something new and great every day this… Continue Reading >>

Date Ideas: Parents and Kids

January 30, 2017

For a while, my wife and I had one kid. Now suddenly, we find ourselves with three (new twins). Time is precious, but when we have some to spare, it's a wonderful experience to for one of us get out of the house with just my older daughter. That kind… Continue Reading >>
At 223 square miles, Columbus has hundreds of neighborhoods—depending on your definition of the term. According to the Kirwan Institute’s map of Columbus neighborhoods, the city is home to 145 distinct communities. The city is also home to a large… Continue Reading >>

Day Date Ideas

January 16, 2017 by Casey Brown

Columbus has no shortage of bars and restaurants that are perfect locations for dates. You probably even have your go to suggestions for all those dating app first dates. However, if you are looking to do something a little different than dinner and… Continue Reading >>
Trying to catch a deal on drinks and appetizers at a Short North Arts District restaurant? Happy hours are your best bet during the week, and there are over 30 to choose from! For a glorious yet brief early evening period, food and drink specials… Continue Reading >>

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