Whenever their grand mixture of R&B, soul and funk originals and covers are on display, MojoFlo has always found an extra way to engage their audience during their very lively shows. Crowd involvement has made MojoFlo one of the most sought-after live party bands around Columbus, with performances often turning into Soul Train lines. These outbursts lead to most of the room getting out of their chairs and boogying down to the ground, an experience unique to the Columbus music scene. MojoFlo has brought their festive ways with them all across the city, from headlining Newport Music Hall, helping celebrate the ball drop on New Year’s Eve and filling Ace of Cups. The group has put their heart and soul into making sure their audiences have an amazing time.

However, being a band that has never felt satisfied with putting on the same old schtick, fiery lead vocalist Amber Knicole created another way for the band to communicate with the audience in early 2018. In partnership with Gateway Film Center, MojoFlo has fostered a monthly event called Music Video Mondays, which puts local musicians and filmmakers up on the big screen while Knicole serves as emcee. During the first Monday of every month, Knicole will host a few local musicians and invite the Columbus community out to watch a few music videos from the featured artists for that particular month. The event, which takes place on the top floor of the Gateway by the bar, features a cocktail hour before and after the showing so artists can mingle with the community.

Knicole took the time out of her very busy schedule to answer a handful of questions about Music Video Mondays and how its organizers hope to engage the Columbus music scene in a brand new way. You can read her responses below.


Q: When did you first come up with the idea of putting the work of local musicians and filmmakers up on a big screen?

Amber: MojoFlo debuted our music video 'Crazy 4 U' (2016) at The Gateway Film Center. In addition to screening our music video, we screened the videos of our friends! We formed a relationship with the Gateway Film Center in 2016 when they let us throw a party/screening for our music video release.

How supportive have you found the arts community as a whole when it comes to collaborating outside of live sets?

We have been fortunate to receive support from Art Makes Columbus that enables us to pay musicians to play during our networking hour after the screenings.  

Flyer for Music Video Mondays with MojoFlo at Gateway Film CenterWhat have been some of your favorite submissions from the series so far?

I don't have favorite videos, rather a favorite FEELING from the series so far. There is an immense sense of pride artists get when they see their work on the big screen. I have seen confidence rise, and that is a great feeling!   

What type of growth have you observed with the event now being over a year old?

I have seen an increase in video productions among Columbus artists! The crowd is growing steadily and we are looking forward to welcoming more people to this event as we continue throughout 2019!  

Has hosting the event brought you closer to those (audience/fans) that would otherwise only see you on a stage?

Hosting the event has brought us closer to the music making community at large. We have been able to meet filmmakers, musicians, producers and music fans.   

How have you personally observed budding relationships between musicians and filmmakers?

So far, I have observed the networking that takes place after the screening serves as a base for new relationships between musicians and filmmakers.  

Are there any future developments you have for the event?

We have been toying with a few ideas. There are a lot of cool music videos being made in and around our city. People are putting a lot of time, energy, and effort into putting out quality music videos. Our developments aim to increase that awareness, continue to foster relationships between music creatives, and most importantly help instil a sense of pride/confidence in our city.

If you want to find out more information about Music Video Mondays, you can visit its Facebook page here. The next two Music Video Mondays will take place on May 6 and June 3. The event kicks off at 6 p.m. with drinks, the video screenings follow at 7 p.m., and the event wraps up with another cocktail hour at 8 p.m. Live music from the artists showcasing their music videos will be featured during the cocktail hour as well. If you are looking to get more involved in the Columbus music scene, this is a great event for networking!