With festivals taking the weekends away from a lot of the prized Columbus musicians, there’s bound to be an increase in weekday shows this summer. Although many complain about the exaggerated horrors of having to wake up for work the next morning post-weekday concert, you can take it easy by just indulging in the music. All six of the shows listed below present a different vibe but also an opportunity to break up the mundane Monday through Friday work schedule some of you have already been trying to breach. Even attending the Pride Festival and checking out the after party might be something that could bring a different type of joy into your life.

Besides a couple of concerts that take place during Pride Weekend, all four of the other local shows listed below take place during the work week. So step out of your safety zone, try out a weekday show and maybe discover a new band or two.


Sylmar / Booty&theKidd / Mister Moon @ Ace of Cups

The location of a recent surprise Refused and The Distillers show thanks to a Sonic Temple rainout, Ace of Cups is also always a fitting venue to be at if you’re trying to catch an intimate local show. Cincinnati’s Sylmar will be bringing their transportive music with them for their first Columbus show of 2019. On the local side of things, Booty&theKidd will be feeding their submersible jazz style to a hungry Columbus audience. Mister Moon will also be in attendance to hypnotize the crowd with their psychedelically-tinged, alternative rock sound. The event is ages 18+.

Time: 8 p.m. | Date: Thursday, June 6 | Address: 2619 N. High St. | Admission: $5


Tony Monaco Trio @ Rumba Cafe

One of the most well-known musicians in Columbus, Tony Monaco has also become one of the most well-respected jazz organists in the world. Monaco lets his emotions fly when he takes the stage, adding an extra layer to his music that makes it accessible and interpretable on different levels. The trio, also consisting of Derek DiCenzo on guitar and Tony McClung on drums, puts together some of Columbus’ hardest working and most talented musicians all on one stage. With Monaco keeping a travel schedule that changes from time to time, music fans should catch him and his bandmates whenever you can.

Time: Doors 8 p.m. | Date: Tuesday, June 11 | Address: 2507 Summit St. | Admission: $5


Pride Fest After Party @ Big Room Bar

PronToh knows how to fill a stage in the best way possible: with fun funk that you can’t help but dance and smile along to. The best of both fun-filled worlds will collide during the first day of Pride Weekend, one of the happiest celebrations of LGBTQ pride across the nation. When all the festivities are over for the day, be sure to make your way over to Big Room Bar for PronToh’s dance party. Supporting cast members Orion and The Constellations know the perfect time to strike with a funky riff, and not much needs to be said about the six-piece Funk Worthy; the name puts out a big enough vibe.

Time: 9 p.m. | Date: Friday, June 14 | Address: 1036 S. Front St. | Admission: $10


Tango Moms / Girl Fox / Courtney From Work / Space Panda @ The Shrunken Head

Are you searching for just one night of local rock-n-roll to put on your June concert itinerary? Well, look no further than the jam-packed show that The Shrunken Head has to offer halfway through the month. Rising heavyweights in the Columbus community for some time, Girl Fox, Courtney From Work and Tango Moms have separate unique rock qualities about them, making this an exciting bill. Girl Fox create a shoegazing effect with some of their tunes, Courtney From Work capture an angsty rock, and Tango Moms tow the lines of pop music most often. Rounding out this lineup are The Space Pandas, who travel through a vortex of genres and are gathering a local niche following on the way.

Time: Doors 8 p.m. | Date: Saturday, June 15 | Address: 251 W. 5th Ave. | Admission: $8 DOS


The Ark Band / The Aquaducks / Devil’s Lettuce @ Woodlands Tavern

Although you can see members of The Ark Band floating around Columbus venues and cafes all year long, it isn’t until the spring turns over that their music takes on a new life. Still going strong for over three decades, the members of The Ark Band perform songs preaching togetherness, love and peace, which makes it pretty hard to have a bad time at one of their live performances. During this specific Woodlands performance, The Ark Band will also be accompanied by locals Devil’s Lettuce, who are also no strangers to bringing true reggae vibes to the table. Nashville funk and soul outfit The Aquaducks will be joining in on the fun at Woodlands Tavern as well.

Time: Doors 7 p.m. | Date: Thursday, June 20 | Address: 1200 W. 3rd Ave. | Admission: $7


La Poré / The Raquels / Last Youth / Ender @ Spacebar

Yet another loaded local concert to close out the month, this one will be an exceptionally special one. La Poré — the solo project of Captain Kidd’s multi-instrumentalist and singer Nicholas Samson — will be making his live debut. His intoxicating, zoned-out ‘80s pop aesthetic combined with vocals that match more modern pop and a track record to boot make this one of Columbus’ more exciting live debuts in a while. The upbeat synth-rock group The Raquels and indie-pop act Last Youth will be providing local band support, while Ender will be spinning a special DJ set.

Time: Doors 8 p.m. | Date: Thursday, June 27 | Address: 2590 N. High St. | Admission: $5 adv. / $7 DOS