Columbus, Ohio, is all about striking gold…well, pins actually! In this neck of the woods, bowling alleys aren’t just for league nights. We’re talking glow-in-the-dark lanes, HyperBowling, and enough snacks to fuel a perfect game (emphasis on the snacks). So lace up your bowling shoes, grab your crew, and get ready to roll into our guide to the coolest bowling alleys in Columbus, OH!

With summer rolling around and temperatures rising, your family will be looking for some indoor, air-conditioned fun. Here in Columbus, we have a variety of bowling alleys to ensure your family stays entertained throughout the long summer weeks.


Columbus Square Bowling Palace

Columbus Square Bowling Palace. Image source.


Columbus Square Bowling Palace

Probably the most well-known spot for bowling in the area, Columbus Square Bowling Palace has been around since the early 80s! It’s easily accessible and well-connected to the Westerville area. It’s open every day from 9 a.m. to midnight, offering 64 lanes and an awesome arcade zone with all your favorite games. If that’s not all, their Midnight Sky Bar provides delightful drinks (complete with weekly foosball events and big-screen TVs) while the on-site Palazzo Restaurant serves up pizzas, burgers, subs, and more. 

The Bowling Palace is also known for its pioneering HyperBowling system, which provides a fun new way to score points with different side quests. Aim for a specific color and get combo bonuses, but watch out for Buster! 


Sequoia Pro Bowl

Sequoia Pro Bowl. Image source.


Sequoia Pro Bowl

Despite this bowling institution being nestled in the Columbus suburbs, Sequoia Pro Bowl has attracted a loyal following since 1963. Whether a die-hard bowler or a casual Sunday pinhead, this alley has got it all. Even if it’s a bit past bedtime, families will love Sequoia's “Laser Light Bowling” – a light show that brings a bit of excitement, color, and a party vibe to your bowling session. 

Kids who take to the lanes can join up the youth league, led by a world-class coach. Here, they can learn bowling skills to take away with them for a lifetime. As well as playing against other kids of the same age, they can also test out their skills at the ‘Beat the coach’ or ‘Beat your parents’ events. 

Sequoia also has a fully stocked bar, arcades, TV area, and restaurant serving classic Midwest bar fare. 




Pins Mechanical Bowling - Duckpin bowling

If you and your family are looking for something a little different, then Duckpin Bowling is the way to go. Located inside Pins Mechanical Co., this lively entertainment venue is buzzing with bowling, pinball, and interactive games, along with craft beers and specialty cocktails.

You’re probably wondering what duckpin bowling is. The key difference is that everything is a bit smaller, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less action! The rules are slightly different: you get three rolls instead of two, the pins are shorter and lighter, and the balls are smaller. This requires a change of tactics, as the smaller ball demands more precision and dexterity.

Duckpin bowling is also great for kids! The smaller balls are easier for them to handle, and the fast pace keeps them from getting bored.

Whether you’re a seasoned bowler or just looking for some family-friendly fun, Columbus, Ohio, offers exciting bowling alleys to suit all preferences. So gather your friends and family, and enjoy a memorable day of strikes, spares, and smiles in our vibrant city!