The Near East Side of Columbus is a historic, charming area with streets lined with unique neighborhoods (such as Olde Towne East, Franklin Park, King Lincoln and Bronzeville), historic homes, a diverse and artistic population of residents and many popular dining and nightlife options.

The Near East Side has recently become a budding retail shopping district with new, locally owned storefronts popping up along Parsons Avenue and beyond.

As you’re finishing your holiday shopping this year, consider shopping local at these spectacular businesses on the Near East Side of Columbus.

Fifth Third Bank

Disclosure: This content is sponsored by Fifth Third Bank and written by Experience Columbus Staff.


Upper Cup Coffee Olde Towne East

Upper Cup Coffee in Olde Towne East


Upper Cup Coffee

Embark on a sensory journey and celebrate coffee culture at Upper Cup. Established in 2010 by the Habte family, Upper Cup's roots trace back to the Eritrean culture, where coffee is not just a beverage but a cherished part of daily life.

What started as a humble wholesale operation in 2010 has blossomed into a thriving local gem. The aroma of freshly roasted beans welcomes you creating a space that's both nostalgic and aromatic. Whether you're shopping for a coffee connoisseur, or just someone looking to infuse their space with the essence of good coffee, Upper Cup stands ready to deliver a flavorful and authentic experience, one cup at a time.

Visit Upper Cup at 79 Parsons Avenue.


The Plant Gays - East Market

The Plant Gays inside East Market, photo credit: Facebook


The Plant Gays (Inside East Market)

Nestled inside East Market in the Historic Trolley District, The Plant Gays is a hidden gem for plant enthusiasts and design lovers alike. As a small business dedicated to bringing the beauty of nature into homes, The Plant Gays pride themselves on a thoughtfully curated collection of indoor house plants, fresh flowers, and an array of stylish planter options that make for unique and meaningful gifts.

What sets them apart is their innovative interior plant design service (what a great gift idea!), a fusion of their passion for plants and a keen eye for interior design. Whether you're a seasoned plant parent or just starting your green journey, The Plant Gays offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it easy to find the perfect greenery to elevate your space. Support local this holiday season and bring the gift of nature and design into the homes of your loved ones.

Visit The Plant Gays at 212 Kelton Avenue.


Hosful Collective - Olde Towne East

Hosful Collective


Hosful Collective Boutique

Uncover the perfect local shopping destination this season at Hosful Collective Boutique. Nestled in the bustling Parsons Avenue shopping district of the community, Hosful offers a delightful array of women's clothing, vintage treasures, accessories, handbags, shoes, scented candles, and unique giftables.

Hosful Collective is not just a store; it's a celebration of style and individuality, curated with care and passion. Here, you'll find more than just fashionable pieces; you'll discover a warm and welcoming atmosphere where every item tells a story.

Visit Hosful Collective at 64 Parsons Avenue.


Yelo Aple Olde Towne East

Yelo Aple, photo credit: Facebook

Yelo Aple

Dive into a world of botanical wonders at Yelo Aple. As a small business passionately curated with a diverse selection of botanical plants, Yelo Aple stands out as a haven for those seeking the perfect green companion. Their extensive collection includes everything from potted and unpotted succulents to tropical plants, trees, hanging plants and aquatic beauties.

Yelo Aple is dedicated to making your shopping experience educational and fun with knowledgeable staff there to guide you through the process.

Visit Yelo Aple at 76 Parsons Avenue.


AJ Soseby Olde Towne East

A.J. SOSEBY, photo credit: Facebook


A.J. Soseby

Discover the essence of local charm at A.J. SOSEBY. What started as an inspired vision in a modest 200 sq foot space with three small floors has evolved into a premiere destination for those looking for gifts to celebrate the joy of cooking, baking, housekeeping, and gardening. Beyond the appeal of their thoughtfully chosen items, A.J. SOSEBY is more than just a store; it's a mission-driven enterprise. A portion of their proceeds goes to supporting local animals, embodying a commitment to both the community and the planet. This season, shop with purpose and invest in everyday pieces that not only enhance your life but contribute to a greater cause. A.J. SOSEBY invites you to embrace local shopping and make a positive impact—one carefully chosen piece at a time.

Visit A.J. Soseby at 85 Parsons Aveune.