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Columbus Downtown Skyline at sunset

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Where to Get Cocktails To-Go in Columbus

New Ohio laws have allowed bars, restaurants and breweries to bottle and sell cocktails to go, which has opened a whole new world of delightful libations you can sip at home. Mouton Mouton sells bottled cocktails complete with garnishes. The menu…

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Best Early Happy Hours

Happy hour is an excellent way to catch up with friends or wind down a busy workday. If your day’s ending a little earlier, we’ve rounded up some early happy hours that start at 3 or 4 p.m.! Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails kicks off their happy hour at 3…

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What’s New With Columbus Distilleries

Much like the brewery boom, distilling in Columbus is experiencing a new heyday, with distilleries creating classic spirits and experimenting with new flavors and processes. As demand has increased and state laws have changed, distilleries have been…

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