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How to Submit a 2024 James Beard Nomination

Deadline: Nov. 30, 2023

  • Visit to see the Columbus chefs and restaurants we recommend nominating for a 2024 James Beard Award. Have another local favorite? Feel free to nominate anyone you would like!
    • Here you’ll find key information about each chef and restaurant that you may need to nominate them, including information about how they align with the James Beard Foundation’s values of equity, transparency, respect, integrity, and community. 
  • To start your nomination, visit
  • Hit the Enter Now button. 
  • Enter your email address to register for a free account. 
  • Follow the steps to create your free account. 
  • Hit the Start Entry button. 
  • Select the category: Restaurants and Chef Awards
  • Select the category for the chef or restaurant you are nominating: 
    • The chefs we are recommending are in the following categories: 
      • Best Chef in America – Great Lakes 
      • Best New Restaurant 
      • Outstanding Pastry Chef or Baker 
      • Outstanding Restaurateur 
  • Enter the name of the chef or restaurant you are nominating. 
  • Continue through the application process. 
  • Fill in some brief details about yourself. 
  • Fill in more information about the chef or restaurant.
    • Note: Columbus is in the Great Lakes region 
  • Answer the question about why you recommend this chef or restaurant.
    • You can submit a brief written response or upload a video of you answering the question. 
  • Answer the impact statement question.
  • For the Are you the candidate question, answer no (unless you are a chef nominating yourself). 
  • Finish your entry by hitting the blue Submit Entry button. 
  • On the next screen, hit the Process for Free button. 
  • You’re done! 
  • If you’d like to nominate another chef or restaurant, select the Start Entry button toward the top of the page to begin another entry.