BalletMet Columbus

322 Mt. Vernon Ave., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 229-4860


BalletMet is a top performing artistic arts organization known for it's world-class dancers and performances. Yet, BalletMet's impact extends beyond the stage. Through countless hours of rehearsals, classes, performances and outreach, BalletMet is creating a community of people connected by the transformational power of dance. 

Did you know?

  • BalletMet is one of the country's top 20 professional ballet companies.
  • BalletMet has 26 full-time professional dancers who live in Columbus.
  • BalletMet won 4 Emmy awards in 2016.
  • BalletMet's Dance Academy has over 1,700 students and is one of the largest dance academies in the country. 
  • BalletMet's Artistic Director, Edwaard Liang choreographed a ballet for the World Economic Summit in 2018.
  • BalletMet Dance Academy had more than 500 students from across the entire US, audition for a chance to train in their Summer Intensive program. 
  • BalletMet has programs they bring into schools that impact more than 30,000 students each year.