COVID-19 Travel Alerts

Capitalizing on Columbus’ strengths as a forward-thinking city, we continue to “Live Forward” to help rebuild Columbus’ economy and support the local community during the COVID-19 crisis. Though many events have been cancelled, Ohio has slowly begun the process to reopen doctor’s offices, retail shops, restaurants and bars, salons and general businesses if the proper guidelines are followed. Attractions throughout Columbus remain closed and the Governor has continued the stay-at-home order with those business exceptions.

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BalletMet Columbus

322 Mt. Vernon Ave., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 229-4860


BalletMet is a top performing artistic arts organization known for it's world-class dancers and performances. Yet, BalletMet's impact extends beyond the stage. Through countless hours of rehearsals, classes, performances and outreach, BalletMet is creating a community of people connected by the transformational power of dance. 

Did you know?

  • BalletMet is one of the country's top 20 professional ballet companies.
  • BalletMet has 26 full-time professional dancers who live in Columbus.
  • BalletMet won 4 Emmy awards in 2016.
  • BalletMet's Dance Academy has over 1,700 students and is one of the largest dance academies in the country. 
  • BalletMet's Artistic Director, Edwaard Liang choreographed a ballet for the World Economic Summit in 2018.
  • BalletMet Dance Academy had more than 500 students from across the entire US, audition for a chance to train in their Summer Intensive program. 
  • BalletMet has programs they bring into schools that impact more than 30,000 students each year.