Visit Grove City

3995 Broadway

Ste. 100

Grove City, OH 43123



Adventure comes in as many shapes and sizes as adventurers. For some, adventure lies in the quest for adrenaline-inducing activity. For others, adventure is learning or sharing or the simple quest for moments of stillness surrounded by nature. This is part of what makes Grove City, Ohio so special; while just a short drive from Columbus, this unexpected nature’s paradise caters to everyone from thrill-seekers to wine-sippers (and all those in between) with a full range of activities that can only be called, "Altogether Adventure."

So from heart-pounding exhilaration to heartwarming family time, Grove City is up for fun and down to earth. Invigorating and relaxing. Close to the city but far from its temperament. It’s a natural escape to work out or rest up. Best of all, there is no rush hour in Grove City; your journey is perfectly paced for you ...and anyone else you bring along for the ride.   

That’s Grove City. Altogether different. Altogether unexpected. Altogether memorable. Altogether adventure.


  • Distance to Airport (Miles): 18
  • Distance to Convention Center (Miles): 11.7
  • Dog Friendly: Yes