Watershed Distillery LLC

1145 Chesapeake Ave.

Ste. D

Columbus, OH 43212

(614) 357-1936

Made In CBUS


When we quit our jobs to open a distillery, we turned our back on convention, on expectation, on conformity. We traded predictable and paychecks for the pursuit of something more, refusing to believe that how it's always been done is how it must be done forever more. We made jeans and a t-shirt the uniform of ambition and saw our desire to keep learning as a competitive edge. For us, success isn't measured financially but in outcomes, value and impact for our families, our employees our customers and our community. We wanted to live in, work in and contribute to the community we grew up in. To change our watershed for the better. To do more than make spirits. Watershed was created to celebrate the pursuit of dreams and the changes that help people and communities evolve. Firmly rooted in the belief that success doesn’t happen overnight and certainly doesn’t happen by chance, Watershed seeks to create and celebrate change within the community and beyond. For information on the distillery, tours, the restaurant/bar or the private event space, please visit watersheddistillery.com or call 614-357-1936.


  • Distance to Airport (Miles): 9.5
  • Distance to Convention Center (Miles): 3.5
  • Dog Friendly: No

Meeting Facilities

Facility Info
  • Reception Capacity 50
  • Space Notes Watershed's private event room is located behind the main dining room of Watershed Kitchen & Bar, secluded with option curtain divider, but close to restrooms and the bar. It can comfortably hold up to ~45 depending on seating arrangement, and is a great option for meetings, rehearsal dinners, family reunions and other similar occasions. The room is equipped with a drop down screen and projecter, along with WiFi and options for connection.
  • Max Capacity 0
  • Banquet Capacity 45