The start of the school year in 2020 is unlike anything we've ever seen before. Most kids are getting up and dressed for first day of school photos by their front door, then heading back inside the house to take on a new year remotely, from the comfort of their own homes. While it may feel like the whole family is stuck inside for the foreseeable future, we're lucky to live in Columbus, named the most intelligent city on earth in 2015.

This intelligence manifests itself in many ways, including starts-ups, testing of technological advances, major research and development breakthroughs and more. Most importantly for families, there are a significant amount of attractions and places to take field trips to help enhance their children's remote learning and spend some time out of the house. We've rounded up a number of options for consideration below, including some lesser-known hidden gems in our community.

Pick a subject and get started!

Science and Nature | History | Creative Arts | Physical Education | Recess

Please be sure to check all websites before arriving as ticketing and entry procedures are regularly in flux. We will continue to add more attractions as opening dates are announced, so be sure to check back.

Science and Nature


Creative Arts
Physical Education
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