Our series, Live to Explore Cbus, features Columbus’ thriving neighborhoods through the eyes of people who live, work and play in the area. Discover personal stories, favorite locales and best-kept secrets about the neighborhoods that make our city so special from the people who experience them every day! 

We’re excited to highlight the historic King-Lincoln District with Shellee Fisher, Owner and Lead Photographer of Shellee Fisher Photography & Design. It’s important to honor the Black leaders, businesses and historically African American neighborhoods that make our city whole. The King-Lincoln District is the site of revitalization and renovation projects, as well as a rich culture worth exploring. From the King Arts Complex to the Long Street Bridge, take a look at the neighborhood through the eyes (and lens) of Shellee Fisher.


Shellee Fisher posing with art piece on equality
Mural by Jonet Mitchell


Why is the King-Lincoln District so special to you? 

I’ve lived in the King-Lincoln District for over 12 years. I absolutely love the vibe of the neighborhood. It’s full of nostalgia and a vibrant history. It’s an urban arts district like no other in Columbus or the surrounding area. With the migration and settlement of Black people to this area in the early 1900s, we’ve continued to grow the community with new developments, shops, businesses and restaurants, while preserving and honoring its heritage.  


Maroon Arts Group Mural in King-Lincoln District


Does the King-Lincoln District inspire you creatively? If so, how? 

Yes, I truly feel as if I live in an art mecca. I feel the energy of the neighborhood. I love the old historic and vintage structures, the art, the murals and the Long Street Bridge. As a photographer, I draw on this inspiration every day in my work.  


Long Street Bridge


Are there any hidden gems in the neighborhood that people should know about? 

There are so many hidden gems and things to do in the King-Lincoln District. I recommend my favorite jazz club, The Canabar, for a night of good music and good company. You can catch a performance at the Lincoln Theatre or a thought-provoking exhibit at the King Arts Complex. If you love buttermilk Belgian waffles, you must try What the Waffle, located on E. Long Street. And the local family-owned shop, BattisteLaFleu, makes the most beautiful flower arrangements and gift baskets. Even the Harmony Project headquarters are housed in the King-Lincoln District. Most of all, being central and close to downtown Columbus has its perks. I enjoy walking downtown to the Scioto River and back. 


Harmony Project window in King-Lincoln District


Why should visitors and residents of Columbus spend time in the King-Lincoln District? 

There are exciting things to look forward to in the neighborhood. There’s a movement to re-energize the King-Lincoln District with the construction of The Adelphi Quarter project, a mixed-use development of 130 apartments and storefront retail and restaurant space, that opened for business in Spring 2021. Visitors and residents of Columbus should come to feel the energy of a growing neighborhood and celebrate the long history that makes the King-Lincoln District unique.