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Nick Dekker


Anyone visiting Columbus needs to try the Pancake Balls and Sweet & Spicy Bacon at Katalina's.

Nicholas Dekker, CTA
Food/Travel Writer
Breakfast with Nick

Explore our Scene in Columbus

Columbus is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of America's up-and-coming culinary destinations. Its restaurant scene is creating a buzz with its creativity, diversity and one-of-a-kind experiences, from classic diner fare, to fine dining, to offbeat, ethnic and funky cafes.  With farms, heritage livestock and artisan producers just minutes away, Columbus chefs have easy access to the best local ingredients from which to craft their menus.

Columbus is home to restaurateur Cameron Mitchell and the James Beard Award-winning cookbook author Jeni Britton Bauer, the mind behind Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, both with locations located throughout the city.


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