Food & Wine named Columbus among the best food cities in America, so you're sure to find delicious dishes wherever you go. For those of you who choose food for more than just the taste, Columbus has you covered as well with a number of spots that are sure to pop on your feed. Check out our favorite camera-friendly foods below!

Rainy day coffee from Bottoms Up Coffee consists of cotton candy melting into a cup of coffee


Have you ever seen anything like this? The Rainy Day Coffee involves steam from a hot cup of coffee melting fluffy cotton candy perched above it for a uniquely sweet pick-me-up.


Photo by @eatplaycbus

two sides of a bagel breakfast sandwich next to one another


Quite possibly the most photogenic breakfast spot in the city, check out the menu at Brekkie Shack in Grandview.


Photo by @Crave_Columbus

CRMD Ice Cream


Known for its puffles (spherical egg-based waffles popular in Hong Kong and Macau), the only thing more Instagram-worthy than this concoction is the neon sign on the shop wall. 


Photo by @CbusFoodFanatics

Donuts from Donna's Delicious Dozen


These made-to-order donut creations allow you to build whatever type of breakfast treat your heart desires.


Photo by @mik.eatss

Chicken Sandwich and Double Mac & Cheese from Hot Chicken Takeover


With locations all across the city (including a stall in the North Market Downtown), this place has it all: made-from scratch fried chicken and sides, an incredible social enterprise providing jobs to those with barriers to employment and meals that will shine on your Instagram feed.


Photo by @Crave_Columbus

Tacos and pancake balls from Katalina's


Nutella-filled pancake balls. Need we say more? No. But we will. This cafe offers five-star diner food with a Latin twist sure to fill up your tummy and your camera reel.


Photo by @lightsoulkiwi

Lox Bagel Shop Bagels


Not only do these bagel sammies come camera-ready, but Food & Wine Magazine recently named them among the best [tasting] bagels in America!


Photo by @Laurenandforeign

Standard Hall Bloody Mary


Standard's eye-popping weekend Bloody Mary bar allows you to build the brunch drink of your dreams.


Photo by @_emilys_eats

S'wich Social Ice Cream Sandwich


This new spot in Italian Village has ice cream sandwiches like you've never before seen.


Photo by @ColumbusDateNightGuide

Thurman Cafe Thurminator Burger


The Thurmanator is one of the most famous food items in Columbus. Originally created for participants of the Arnold Sports Festival, the burger gained acclaim after being featured on Travel Channel's Man v. Food. This German Village hot spot does not take reservations, so be sure to leave plenty of time for your visit!


Photo by @sabina_pst