Recently, we crowd-sourced an enormous list of Black-owned businesses as an expansion of a blog post we had previously put together featuring a collection of Black-owned restaurants. We shared that it was important because it's one of the most direct and sustainable ways the community can support our Black citizens. It’s important to note that the same is true for all minority-owned businesses. Minorities face a variety of obstacles when it comes to business ownership, so it’s imperative that we seek out their businesses and lift them up, as diversity is what makes our community thrive.

So, in honor of Pride month, we’re also sharing a list of LGBTQ-owned local businesses. We’ve started our list below and ask that if you know of a business or resource that should be included, please email us at

If you're an LGBTQ-owned business looking to connect with other LGBTQ-owned businesses, please check out the Diversity Chamber of Central Ohio. Otherwise, choose a category below and get started! 

Legal Services

Allison L. Harrison Law, LLC

Business Services

Call Management Resources

Financial Services

Greg Zunkiewicz | Edward Jones