With the temperatures dipping below freezing, what better way to warm up on a snowy day than with a rich, steaming mug of hot chocolate? Check out these favorite spots for hot chocolate in Columbus!

Hot Chocolate at Fox in the Snow CafeFox in the Snow
Fox just added a German Village location, which means another place to cozy up with their rich hot chocolate and gigantic house-made marshmallows!

Chocolate Cafe
True to its name, the Chocolate Cafe features all manner of hot chocolates. You can select from regular, dark, or white chocolate, or add flavors like cherry jubilee, butterscotch, Nutella, and mint. For the adults, they offer boozy hot chocolates like the Chocolate Vice with rum and bourbon, or the Chocolate Kiev with vanilla vodka and amaretto.

Winans Chocolates + Coffee
With shops downtown and in German Village, Winans can customize your hot chocolate with different flavors, and will even craft it with different types of milk, like soy, almond, and coconut.

Hot Chocolate at the Roosevelt Coffee HouseRoosevelt Coffeehouse
Roosevelt lets you have all the fun with their Stirred Hot Chocolate. Your picturesque drink arrives with a square of chocolate on your spoon, so you can stir it into your drink!

Northstar Cafe
The beloved Northstar Cafes are known, amongst other things, for their rich hot chocolate, served in colorful mugs and topped with a dollop of whipped cream and shaved pieces of chocolate.

One Line Coffee
One Line crafts their hot chocolate with whole milk and a house-made mocha sauce. They’ll also make special versions using chocolate milk or non-dairy milks.

Hot ChocolateLuck Bros’ Coffee
Luck Bros’ in Grandview is known for their expertly prepared espresso drinks, but they also create warming hot chocolate and peppermint hot chocolate.

Where’s your favorite Columbus spot to warm up with hot chocolate?