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Move-In Day

Move-in Day is an exciting day for students. It’s the start of a new year, a new chapter, and exciting possibilities for the year ahead. With all that excitement, comes needing to stock up on groceries, essentials you may have forgotten and then wanting to get out and explore the city. Here are some of the best places to check out on move-in day and beyond for your best college experience.


Large grocery brands, Giant Eagle and Kroger, can both be found on or near the Ohio State University campus. Kroger, located on South Campus on the corner of High Street and 6th Ave., is a large supermarket chain with deli and bakery departments, plus health & beauty aids. Giant Eagle and Giant Eagle Market District, located on High Street, between Hudson and Weber Streets, offers a wide range of products and services, from in-store pharmacies to our rewards program to grocery pickup and delivery. 

If you’re looking for unique and international options, there are a slew of those offered within walking distance or a short drive or bus ride from Campus. Mediterranean Food Imports and Bakery, in Clintonville, is a restaurant and bakery and offers Halal meat, Halal deli, Mediterranean grocery, sweets, and much more. Put your food cravings to rest with a trip to Yao Lee Oriental Supermarket, across the street from Giant Eagle. If you like to try out different recipes and experiment with different flavors, you will love the selection of spices and seasonings that this store has to offer. If no-muss, no-fuss is your kind of attitude, a delicious TV dinner may be right up your alley. Grab some canned food items from Yao Lee Oriental Supermarket and keep quick and convenient meal options on hand. Weilands Market just north in Clintonville, offers groceries, seafood, a deli, and produce and catering. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and a wide range of delicious food and beverages. Lucky’s Market, just down the street from Yao Lee, has a great selection of produce, a prepared food section, meat, cheese, wine, and beer. All at lower costs than the grocery chains.


Ohio State University recently opened a Target on campus, making it the perfect spot for college students to pick up essentials, home goods, or even groceries. It’s located on High Street on South Campus and is walkable from almost anywhere on campus. Barnes & Noble on Ohio State University Campus isn’t just your average Barnes & Noble bookstore you can find anywhere. In addition to being a bookstore, you can pick up your textbooks here and shop for your Ohio State apparel as well. The best part – they accept BuckIDs! There are also a variety of C-Stores located around campus for essential items. C-stores are convenience-style grocery stores that offer packaged snacks, frozen meals, ice cream, fruit, bottled beverages, and breakfast and granola bars. Find them here.

Quick lunch

While there are restaurants all up and down High Street on campus, there are some favorites you have to check out! For big meals, seek out Ethyl & Tank behind the Newport Music Hall. Ethyl & Tank serves as a coffee shop, a bar, a lunch and dinner spot, and a weekend brunch haven. Up the road, the Chop Shop offers a big menu of burgers. On Neil Avenue, Hang Over Easy employs a wry sense of humor to a menu of French toast, chicken and waffles, burgers, and more. At Hudson and High, classic diner Jack & Benny’s serves omelets and pancakes to hungry crowds. Eddie George’s Grille 27, in neighboring Grandview, is a haven for sports fans in search of good grub. Of course, a sweet treat is a must. Buckeye Donuts has been a favorite stop since it opened in 1969. The old school donut shop serves breakfast sandwiches and gyros, too.

When you’re all moved in and settled, make sure to get out and explore campus and the rest of the city.