Slate Run Living Historical Farm

1375 State Route 674 N., Canal Winchester, OH 43110

(614) 833-1880


Time has been turned back to the 1880s at Slate Run Living Historical Farm. Visitors can experience first-hand what life was like on an Ohio farm more than 100 years ago. As you stroll through the gardens, barns and farmhouse, you will see the farm costumed staff and volunteers going about their daily chores. What you won't see are gas-powered tractors or electric refrigerators. You may see the farmer plowing the fields with the help of the draft horses. Inside the summer kitchen, the ladies may be canning and preserving crops from the heirloom garden. The farm is home to all kinds of heirloom animal breeds including the Poland China hog, Merino sheep and Percheron draft horses. There are also flocks of ducks, chickens, turkeys and geese.


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