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Columbus puts your safety first with the Live Forward Pledge


See who has signed the pledge to keep customer safety at the forefront of operating amidst the pandemic.

Don't forget to wear a mask - it's mandatory in Ohio!





As the organizations that proudly promote and encourage visitation to our city, Experience Columbus and the Greater Columbus Sports Commission also proudly promote the characteristics of our city that make it worth visiting, one of the most valuable of which is our diversity. When members of our city are in pain, we are all in pain. Although we don’t have all the answers, we know that we can’t stay silent.  


Individuals, businesses and leaders around Columbus are already working toward ways that our community can productively and peacefully take action against racism and social injustice. Experience Columbus and the Greater Columbus Sports Commission have signed a petition for Columbus City Council to declare racism a public health crisis, and we intend to continue to find ways to speak out against violence. It is efforts like these that reflect the spirit of our city – collaborative, forward-thinking and eager to stand up for what matters.


To our community: please don’t be silent. We encourage you to engage in the local conversations that so many have already started. Our voices, every single one, are what makes Columbus the city we are proud to call home. 

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