The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is putting the finishing touches on a 4-acre, $40 million new exhibit, Adventure Cove. When the zoo reopens, this huge new area should be ready for visitors! Three tanks, totaling 375,000 gallons, will house California sea lions and harbor seals, the first time the Zoo has had these animals on display since the 1970s. A 60-foot-long acrylic tunnel offering 360-degree views will take visitors underwater as the playful pinnipeds swim above and below. A 250-seat amphitheater will host demonstrations with aquatic animals. 

In addition, a new indoor area, Jack Hanna's Animal Encounter Village will house more than 60 species of animals, including sloths, African penguins and cheetahs. This area of the zoo is meant to enhance connections between animals and people, with the hope of creating a stronger will for conservation. A stingray touch experience will also return to the zoo in the Animal Encounters area.

Watch the video for a look at construction progress!