Learning a new craft can open many doors for those in the constant pursuit of knowledge, whether it’s self-expression, personal growth, a fun new hobby, or a practical skill you’re looking to obtain. From dabbling in paint to firing your first welding torch, you’ll be able to broaden your creative abilities and have a great time at these Columbus locations.  


Columbus Cultural Arts Center

A project of the Recreation and Parks Department, the Columbus Cultural Arts Center has served as a multi-dimensional visual arts resource for the community for more than 40 years. The center boasts nine studio spaces in which they frequently host workshops and classes. Their current roster of 60 programs, many of which take place over several weeks of sessions, range from ceramics and sculpture to jewelry making and textile arts, painting and printmaking. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Class info ››

Two people wearing protective gear using welding equipment at the Columbus Idea FoundryColumbus Idea Foundry 

Franklinton’s Idea Foundry is the destination for all the heavy-duty tools and maker equipment you know you might never own but have always wanted to learn how to use. This 60,000 square-foot DIY wonderland offers classes for all ages and skill sets nearly every day of the week. Subjects include, but are not limited to, welding and metal working, woodshop and blacksmithing, as well as things like 3D printing, digital design, electronic building and programming, jewelry making, sewing and various visual arts. Class info ››

The Smithery 

The Smithery in Grandview offers classes in jewelry making that go far beyond just beads-on-a-string. Participants in their classes learn skills including metal stamping, enameling, metalworking and finishing techniques, and get their feet wet with tools like the hydraulic press, firing kiln, soldering iron and various jewelry hammers. The final product is a wearable, personalized statement piece you can use to show off your style and your newly-gained skills. Class info ››

Two girls painting on canvas at Studio 614Studio 614

Grab a brush and don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine to one of Studio 614’s BYOB-friendly group art classes. Perfect for beginners and those just looking to unwind, the studio’s laid-back classes mainly focus on canvas painting, with subjects like “Paint Your Pet,” “Starry Night,” and “Colorful Columbus.” Studio 614 also teaches crafts like string art, knitting, candle and wreath making and macramé. Class info ››

Wild Cat Gift & Party

Primarily known as one of the most unique, funky gift shops in the city, Wild Cat Gift & Party offers eclectic handmade goods from over 400 vendors at their Clintonville shop. Their dedication to the creative community also extends through their wildly popular collection of DIY workshops that highlight skills including knitting, crochet, weaving, macramé, painting and more. These classes tend to sell out often, so keep a close eye on Wild Cat’s calendar to grab your seat! Class info ››

Instructor teaching student glass blowing in the furnace at Glass AxisGlass Axis

Be prepared to break a sweat at Glass Axis, which allows participants to “play with fire” during some of their courses. The shop’s eponymous craft of glasswork is taught through classes in three different heat-specific categories. In the hot shop, participants learn to blow or sculpt glass, working directly with molten liquid material and a furnace. In the warm shop, guests can learn kiln forming, neon tube making, or torch and flamework with smaller handheld tools. Cold shop classes include stained glass art and mosaic making. Class info ››

Sew to Speak

While sewing is one of the most practical, useful specialties of the crafting world, it’s a rare skill to have in today’s age. Those interested in honing the age-old art can head to Sew to Speak in Worthington, which offers a comprehensive 6-week Sewing School program, as well as classes for adults and kids in sewing machines, embroidery and stitching, quilting, and various textile work techniques. Class info ››  

Group of people in Community Garden at Franklin Park ConservatoryFranklin Park Conservatory 

The Conservatory deserves honorable mention for their education programs simply for the sheer variety of offerings. In addition to dozens of cooking classes, dance and yoga, the center also teaches art and gardening year-round. While art classes mostly focus on glass blowing, painting, casting and other visual subjects, gardening classes will turn even novices into green thumbs, covering topics from plant and flower identification to landscape design, garden maintenance to beekeeping. Class info ››