Did you know Columbus is a global leader in environmentalism? The CDP Global Report has consistently named Columbus one of the “Top A-List Cities for Climate Action,” for our commitment to tackling the climate crisis and protecting the planet. From local shops to large facilities, Columbus businesses are doing their part by adopting clean practices, sustainable products and energy-efficient designs. 

Downtown Columbus’ largest building and main visitor touchpoint, the Greater Columbus Convention Center, is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certified, for its energy and water efficiencies, clean cleaning program, SmartFarm, recycling program and more.  

In honor of Earth Day, we want to share a few more sustainable brands and businesses that you can support this month, and all year long. Help us protect the planet and keep Columbus green!  



Just south of downtown Columbus, Southwind Motel is a mid-century modern, retro property. The motel uses energy sourced primarily from solar panels located on their roof with energy-efficient HVAC, doors and windows. Rooms at Southwind are also outfitted with skincare products from KoKo, a local clean and green retailer in Columbus. Book your stay.


Southwind Motel Exterior

Credit, Southwind Motel Facebook




Not only does Simple Times Mixers sell delicious concoctions for your cocktails, but they do it sustainably. Their zero-waste initiatives include a bottle return program to reuse the glass bottles in which their products are sold and they partner with local businesses to use their extra fruit rinds and zest to decrease food waste. 


Fan Favorite 3-pack of cocktail mixers from Simple Times Mixers (strawberry lemonade, pineapple mule, and blueberry basil lemonade)

3rd & Sycamore (formerly Tiki Botanicals)

Known for its luxury bath and body goods, 3rd & Sycamore strives to provide the cleanest and most sustainable products to Columbus consumers and beyond. Every candle purchased can be returned to one of their stores and refilled with your desired scent at a discount. 


Every plant STUMP sells is of the highest quality, as well as sustainably crafted wares—from the classic terra-cotta to custom artist-made planters. 


Terracotta planters from STUMP plants



Glenn Avenue uses all-natural ingredients and environmentally friendly practices for all their products, including soaps, lotions, bath bombs, essential oils, sanitizers, shaving products and more. 


Penn & Beech encourages you to bring in your used jar for $1 off your next candle-pouring experience! 


Friends shopping at Penn & Beech Candle Co.



Easton offers 18 electric car charging stations across four parking locations, as well as an expansive recycling program, energy conservation efforts, runoff water efficiencies and more.  


Items from refillery, KoKo the Shop



Leafy is a local, eco-friendly toilet paper brand that took off at the beginning the pandemic. This subscription-based concept is made of 100% bamboo and is biodegradable.  


Glean is a local gift shop that embraces earth-friendly finds. You can shop handmade goods from more than 60 local artisans, all made from sustainable repurposed products. 


Display wall full of products at Glean


Food + Drink 


Serving up the best coffee since 2009, One Line Coffee focuses on a transparent model of sourcing, ensuring the quality and sustainability of their product and that those who grow and harvest their coffee are treated well and earn a living wage. 


The nationally recognized ice cream brand uses metal taster spoons, rather than plastic, to prevent harmful waste in landfills. They utilize company-wide recycling and continue to grow their compost program, with nearly half of Jeni’s scoop shops currently able to participate. 


Jeni's employee offers samples



From the way they build their restaurants, to the ingredients they serve and the products they use, Northstar Café is committed to making sustainable and environmentally responsible decisions for the community. To date, they have donated over $250 thousand to similar sustainable organizations. 


Land-Grant is a leading pioneer in Columbus’ sustainability movement. The brewery is home to a solar-powered beer garden and has renovated its entire taproom to be more energy-efficient. In May 2019, Land-Grant hosted the Sun-Grant Sustainable Beer Fest. 


Event attendee walks past the Land-Grant mural outside the brewery facility



Portia’s Café sources the freshest, purest and healthiest ingredients by focusing on their six core principles; vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, organic, local and made with clean water.  


Education & Services



SWACO serves Franklin County and surrounding areas with solutions for solid waste by providing recycling opportunities, household hazardous waste collection and community outreach. 

The Compost Exchange

Offering seven local drop-off locations and curbside pick-up services, The Compost Exchange is working towards a zero-waste Columbus, educating residents on the benefits of composting and diverting thousands of scrap food waste from landfills each year. 

Go green this year with help from sustainable brands who call Columbus home!