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Schottenstein Center

555 Borror Dr., Columbus, OH 43210



Schottenstein Center Facility Specifications Uses:

  • Multipurpose public assembly center on The Ohio State University campus.
  • Home to Ohio State's basketball, volleyball and hockey teams, as well as a site for regional championship games and concerts.
  • The Big Ten's largest sports arena seats 21,000. Seating: 21,000 (end stage show), 19,500 (basketball), 17,500 (hockey); individual armchair (permanent and portable); luxury suites
  • Performance Space: Portable, regulation NBA and college basketball court; Olympic and NHL regulation ice rink Ceiling Height: 96' Alternate
  • Performance Space: Attached 15,000-square-foot auxiliary gym featuring two basketball courts, eight baskets, scoreboards, wall padding, and separate ticket windows
  • Parking: 6,500 within walking distance
  • Additional Rooms: Locker rooms, meeting rooms, media room, VIP hospitality, production offices, star dressing rooms
  • Additional Services: Advertising/marketing, box office, group sales, guest services, video production, catering, security, ushering, gift shop, ATM, OSU Athletics Hall of Fame.