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Columbus Downtown Skyline at sunset

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8 Columbus Restaurants for Wholesome Eats

Looking for a fresh start in the New Year? We’ve rounded up eight locally owned spots serving meals with a wholesome edge. Portia’s Cafe – Portia’s in Clintonville features a plant-based menu that reimagines many classic dishes. Start with fresh…

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New Columbus Restaurants to Explore

From rooftop restaurants to new coffeehouses, sushi to shakes, check out what’s opened recently in Columbus! Short North The Short North Arts District has seen its usual growth over the past months, including the new Fireproof restaurant in the old…

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A Beginner's Guide to Columbus Street Food

The Columbus food truck scene is constantly growing and changing. Hungry visitors can find everything from tacos to Italian sandwiches, lobster rolls to Korean cheesesteaks, chicken tikka masala to steamed bagels at these eateries across the city…

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What’s New and Coming Soon to the North Market

Columbus’ beloved North Market is home to some of the city’s most creative food-makers. From ice cream to pho, fried chicken to fresh-baked pretzels, pierogis to Nepali dumplings, guests can enjoy tastes from around the world, all created right here…

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Your Guide to the North Market

The North Market serves a central place in Columbus’ culture, a favorite destination of residents and visitors alike. All can gather there to experience heartwarming food, meet local merchants and connect with central Ohio food-makers. First opening…

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Five Chinese Restaurants to Try in Columbus

Columbus is rich in global flavors. The culinary delights of every continent are represented across the city, from Colombian dishes to Nigerian staples, Indian specialties to French delicacies. You can discover many of them on the northwest or the…

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